Equipment Provided
Service Provided
· 6 channels Language translation system
·Overhead projector
·Laser Pointer
· 25";29";34";43" Television
· Microphones(table top,stand,portable)
·Projector Screens
· Video player
·CD/VCD/LD/DVD player
·Cassette player
·White boards
· ortable computer
·Wireless Internet equipment
·Computerized stage light
· Planning and consulting service
· Provide professional meeting services to participants
· Stage background designing and set-up coordination
· On-site coordination during the whole meeting process
· Plan and design the need banquets for customers
· Provide photo-taking service
· Custom-make flower arrangements and flower baskets
· Out-door advertisement production and application
· Hostess service
· Simultaneous translation service
· Wedding service
· Arrangement for entertainments
· On site clinic service
· Professional audio and visual service
· Internet service